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1906 - 2017
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Rules for Section XI and XII

1. In no case shall a prize be awarded unless the Judges deem the exhibit to be of sufficient merit.

2. Where two or fewer than two exhibits are presented in any class, prizes may be awarded at the Judges’ discretion.

3. In determining the points prizes, where two or more tie, the Exhibitor gaining the most first awards shall be deemed to be the first prize winner in the Points Section.In calculating points where the Judges withhold a first award, only points appropriate to the award shall be given. First, 3 points, Second, 2 points, Third, 1 point.

4. Minimum Entry Fee £1.00

Judging starts at 10am. All exhibits to be staged by 9.30am

No exhibit to be removed before 4.30pm

Industrial Tent to be ready for admission of the Public at 12 noon.




(Confined to the District of the Society)

Sponsored by J.A. Waters, Butchers, Selkirk

Judges - Peebleshire Federation SWI

Each Entry 20p (Minimum Entry Fee £1.00)

Prize money: 1st £1.50, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p

1 - A ramekin of pate (named)

2 - Flask of soup (named)

3 - Tomato salsa

4 - Individual dessert layered in a small jar

5 - Jar of orange curd

6 - Jar of raspberry jam

7 - Jar of jelly (savoury or sweet)

8 - Jar of chutney

9 - Jar of fruit coulis

10 - Jar of marmalade

11 - Couscous salad (individual)

12 - Bottle of lemonade

13 - ¼ lb of tablet

14 - 3 macaroon bars

15 - Small bottle of home made liqueur

16 - Most points in Classes 1-15 – Shirra Cup, to be held for one year

17 - Best Exhibit in Classes 1-15 – No entry required. Only 1st prize winners compete

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